Bed Bug-Sniffing Dog Gives Lower Mac Library the 'All Clear'

Dino, the bed bug-sniffing beagle from Good Night, Sleep Tight, has indicated that there are no more bed bugs at the Lower Macungie Library.

On Monday, when bedbugs were found in DVDs returned through the bookdrop at the Lower Macungie Public Library, the DVDs and the pieces of rug that line the bookdrop were bagged tightly and discarded.

That's also when the library was closed to the public, said Director Kathee Rhodes.

The facility was then inspected by a local exterminator from Ehrlich, she said, but she wanted to go even further to ensure the library was pest free, so she called in Dino, the bed bug-sniffing beagle from Good Night, Sleep Tight to give the final word.

Dino was very interested in one sofa and though an inspection revealed no bugs in it, it's gone gone gone, never to return, Rhodes said.

"To assure there was not a big public health issue, we contained the problem immediately. The public was protected at all times as we performed our due diligence," Rhodes said.

There were no chemicals of any kind used in the library or the rest of the Community Center. The entire complex was inspected by Dino.

Dino's boss at Good Night, Sleep Tight, Jason Webeck, said the bugs can be anywhere people gather. 

"And they were mentioned in the Bible, so they've been around awhile," he said.

Webeck's company is based in Pittsburgh, he said, but the company services homes and businesses in PA, MD, NJ, VA and Canada.

The Lower Macungie Library will be closed Thursday and Friday for the holiday, but from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday -- and every Saturday at least until the end of the year -- the public is invited for free coffee served by the librarians, Rhodes said.

H smith November 21, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Eww I hope that they let whoever returned them know.


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