Freedom Valley/Philly YMCA Merger Passes

A Thursday evening vote approved the joining of the two YMCA regions.

According to a source present at Thursday evening's vote, the proposed merger between the Freedom Valley YMCA and the Philadelphia YMCA passed by a margin of 56 votes. 

The merger was announced several weeks ago, and members have argued both for and against the merger ever since. 

Several members expressed concerns about the speed of the merger and about overcrowding. Members were also unhappy with the voting process, which required everyone who wanted to vote be present at a meeting on Thursday night.

Others praised the merger, saying that it could only benefit the organization. YMCA leadership also said it would save money by reducing insurance and supply costs.

The leadership of the two YMCAs held a town hall on Monday evening, November 12, at which some members were vocal about the process. 

Wednesday, an e-mail to members decried bigotry in a flyer that was left at the Phoenixville YMCA branch and sent to some members.

Pierre Le Fleche November 19, 2012 at 01:10 PM
do you know what you are talking about? Such drivel...get a life and stop talking baloney!!You would not even be able to organize a bird in a cage..I don't see any of you numb nuts standing in line to volunteer ...probably never did anything in life except whine and moan...Catch a wake....time to move on..
Pierre Le Fleche November 19, 2012 at 01:29 PM
What mismanagement are you talking about...? Do you just suck these things out of no where?Do you know what the word secession means...? Have you ever worked in the corporate world? Your comments are unfounded and totally beyond the realms of reality...You are just spewing and spewing the biggest lot nonsense...check it may be time for your meds...
Intheweeds November 19, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Tom, I thank you for coming here, and posting. I'm glad the merger went through, despite the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that was put out there by some of the membership. That FUD turned a no-brainer decision into one that only passed by 56 votes. That said, Freedom Valley leadership really bungled the process. 1. First and foremost, it seems that much of the membership did not understand the fact that the Philadelphia Y is a system of Y's just like Freedom Valley - and that half of them are NOT in Philadelphia. 2. The real long-term benefit to combining was completely lost on people. 3. Having to vote in-person on a specific night was annoying. A ballot should have been able to be sent to every registered and active member to mail back in. 4. If it was the Spring Valley branch causing all this noise, and felt that they would be overrun with people from the Philadelphia Y system, they should have been provided a map, showing where they are, and where each of the Philadelphia Y branches are and how NOBODY from the Philly Y system would be trekking to their branch. They should have also been given a picture of the Ambler Y pool facility, showing that if Philly Y members wanted to go to a pool, Ambler, not Spring Valley, would be choice #1.
Tom November 19, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Thanks for your comments. Your point about Philly having most of their branches in the suburbs was probably not communicated clearly to many members but at theTown Hall meeting where hundreds of concerned members from Spring Valley were present we presented the maps of both FV and Philly and then what the map of our combined branches would look like. At the meeting members who supported the merger disputed that Philly members would skip all of the other nearby branches and come all the way out to Spring Valley but apparently some SV members were still concerned that their facilities would become even more crowded. Also ... the Pennsylvania state laws require that members must be present to vote at not-for-profit special meetings like Thursday's vote, Thanks again for your support and I think I am going to stop commenting on Patch for now but if any member would like to meet with me or others you can approach your branch management and I am sure they will help to arrange a meeting with someone to answer questions and address issues. I am very enthusiastic about the future of the YMCA and hopefully years from now members will conclude this was a good decision when they see ... the current services and facilities have only improved and that ... we have at least two new full-service branches in Upper Perk and Audubon/Norristown serving tens of thousands of additional members and ... that we are able to provide substantially more scholarships to needy families than we are now.
1 November 21, 2012 at 02:28 PM
I'm sure nobody will miss one less fatty blocking two lanes on the indoor track.


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