PECO: Power Outage Affects 12,000 Customers

"Initially it was a very large outage," a spokesman for PECO said.


A power outage across the area left roughly 12,000 customers without power, a PECO official said on Wednesday.

"We have a pretty big outage going on in that area, which is now what we believe to be a smaller outage at this point, but initially it was a very large outage," said spokesman Ben Armstrong. "We had something that impacted four circuits that came from our Perkiomen substation on School House Road. We don’t know what happened."

PECO crews are on the way to determine the cause of the outage, Armstrong said.

"It could have been wind that caused damage to lines or the circuit," he said. "Most customers experienced only a momentary outage. When the system sees something that damages the system, we have devices that determine where the damage is, isolates it and restores service to customers throughout the area."

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