Unclaimed Pottstown Lottery Winnings Set to Expire in January

A winning lottery ticket worth $330,000 has gone unclaimed for almost one year, and is set to expire on January 27, 2013.

A lucky Pottstown resident who hit the Cash 5 jackpot last January has yet to come forward to claim their prize, and if they don't do so soon, there will be nothing left to collect.

According to a report on Philly.com, the winning Cash 5 ticket was purchased at Cole's Tobacco in Pottstown on January 27, 2012, with the winning numbers of 14, 23, 25, 33 and 43. The jackpot has a value of $330,000.

According to the Pennsylvania lottery rules, a person has exactly one year from the drawing date to collect their prize. In the event no one claims the prize, the jackpot is forfeited, and the winning ticket is null and void.

In the event the winner is simply waiting to come forward, they may want to claim their winnings prior to the end of the year, as the looming "fiscal cliff" could increase the taxes paid on the jackpot. The same concern forced one winner of the record Powerball jackpot to expedite his collection efforts.


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