Poll Results: Best Way To Bring More Business To Pottstown

Readers chose ...


The votes are in for the Pottstown Patch poll of the week: What Keeps Pottstown From Success?

Survey said:

  • Crime -- 31 percent
  • Drug gangs -- 2 percent
  • A high rental to private homeowner ratio -- 16 percent
  • Section 8 -- 6 percent
  • Government -- 33 percent
  • Negative thinking and apathy -- 6 percent
  • The need for a commuter train -- 0 percent

Check back on Monday for the new poll question.

* This is not a scientific poll.

IalwaysWin March 24, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Gotta love Goldencockroack (ie maxamillion) is scared to death of the pending lawsuit


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