October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

"Monitor Internet activity of your kids and help end cyberbullying now."

As parents, we have watched for the past few years as cyberbullying has indeed become the biggest online threat our kids are facing today. But sadly, the problem won't go anywhere – no matter how many laws get passed and how much we talk to our kids – until the parents of the bullies KNOW what their little demons are doing online and care enough to step in and stop it.

Statistics, surveys, studies and experts all agree that the best solution for child online safety is parental involvement, awareness and vigilance. But amidst all the tips and advice, one thing is left out: a solid technology solution to help parents keep their kids safe online. That's why we created PC Pandora computer monitoring software. It works like a TiVo for your PC and records ALL content - so parents can see exactly what their child has been doing online.

So if this great solution is available, why is every parent in the country not using it? Why do parents continue to let their kids surf in a non-monitored environment? Why do parents let the cyberbullies remain anonymous in their own home?

Because, for some reason, when it comes to using software to monitor child internet activity, many parents are still apprehensive. They feel they are invading the privacy of their children and that the simple filters and blocks are good enough to keep their kids safe. In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, those are ultimately the reasons that allow cyberbullies to thrive.

Cyberbullying relies on anonymity - not only online, but inside their home. But if every parent knew how their child was acting towards others online, bullies would be exposed, and parents could start dealing with the situation head-on. For this reason, we put all our effort into creating a tool that gives parents complete knowledge of what their children are really doing on the computer and on the Internet, so they don't have to rely on easily-beaten roadblocks.

2011 is almost over, but it’s not too late to make this the year that parents wake up and learn just how little they actually know about their children's online habits. Parents need to be in control of the PC in their house and know what their kids are doing on the Internet - that includes how they are treating others. And while many think they know what their kids are doing, the truth is they most likely have no clue. 

It’s time to stop guessing and assuming. It’s time to know. Be a strong 21st century parent. Know what your kids are doing online and know how they are treating others.

Parents! Did you know October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month? Signs of a bullying victim can be easy to spot, but do you know if your child is the bully? Monitor Internet activity of your kids and help end cyberbullying now! Visit HYPERLINK "http://www.pcpandora.com" www.pcpandora.com for more information.

- Ken Shallcross, Pandora Corporation

Mike Weakley September 29, 2011 at 05:25 AM
I have developed a bully prevention show for elementary schools. You can learn more about it here... http://youtu.be/2qAvD01RD9E http://www.StopBullyingShow.com
Tom Rich September 29, 2011 at 04:08 PM
"Always Connected"  presented by D/Sgt Thomas Rich (as seen on Good Morning America) This workshop covers cyber bullying and how technology fuels this epidemic.   Specifically the topics covered are texting, sexting, Facebook and Formspring.me. It shows how these forms of technology are affecting our youth everyday and how it is making it easier to be mean to each other.  It will also examine real life examples of cyber-bullying and the dangers of on-line chatting.  It will also take an in-depth look at facebook profiles and explain the pitfalls and how to protect yourself through privacy settings. It examines formspring.me and how this website really is causing major problems with bullying in schools across the nation. Then it is all tied in showing how these forms of communication can be used in moderation and positively by our youth.  Teaching solutions to all of the issues listed above is my goal.  Using entertaining videos, positive solutions and allowing the audience to interact brings out incredible results.   Trainings are done for students of all ages, adults, youth workers, in-service trainings, teachers, administrators and professional development training.  Thomas M Rich LLC Always Connected ~making a difference one school at a time! www.alwaysconnected.org


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