Officer Punched While Assisting at Crash Scene, Cops Say

A Pottstown cop was allegedly assaulted after investigating a car accident.

He stopped by an accident scene and a punch in the nose was all the "thanks" he got for his work.

Pottstown Police stated in a recent report that Officer Ronald Taylor, a Pottstown policeman, was punched in the nose with a closed fist when he stopped at an accident scene on Jan. 26, according to the Pottstown Mercury.

The report stated that Taylor reposponded to a call at High and Adams streets in Pottstown when Robert Feltenberger, 26, of Pottstown, punched him.

Police said that Feltenberger came from "the sidewalk in front of the Little Italy Pizzeria and punched Taylor in the face."

The article notes that at that time, Officer Brandon Sheehan then tackled Feltenberger to the ground.

When asked what provoked him to punch Taylor, Feltenberger told Officer Chad Hart he "hit Taylor was because Taylor may have arrested him before," said the article. He later, when taken into custody, apologized for his actions.

"Taylor was taken to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center, where he received stitches and underwent surgery to repair a fracture in his nose, police said," reported the Mercury.

For the full story on the allegations, read the full story on The Pottstown Mercury's website.

Jack Me'hoffer February 05, 2013 at 01:52 AM
I wish someone would touch me!


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