Pottstown Officer Pulls Woman from Car Seconds Before Train Hits

Ofc. Gregory Fritz pulled one passenger out of the vehicle, stuck on the tracks near the Hanover Street crossing, less than a minute before the car was truck by a freight train.

One woman was pulled from a vehicle stuck on train tracks just before it was hit by a freight train in Pottstown on Thursday night, according to Channel 69 News.

Pottstown Police Officer Gregory Fritz pulled the woman out of the vehicle seconds before impact around 10:45 p.m. at the Hanover Street crossing.

Birdsboro resident Gabriella Radatti, 21, was driving Morgan Gwillim, also 21 and from Sanatoga, home when she accidentally drove on the train tracks while taking directions, according to police.

After driving between 50 and 85, Radatti realized she was on the tracks and the vehicle became stuck.

With a freight train was approaching. Radatti was able to get out of the vehicle, but Gwillim was stuck inside. Fitz, unable to stop the train, pulled Gwillim to safety just before impact.

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