Pottstown Woman Allegedly Assaults Police While Out on Bail

While awaiting trial for alleged heroin sales in the borough, Pottstown woman charged with assault and public drunkenness.

A woman awaiting charges for allegedly selling heroin in the borough of Pottstown was arrested while out on bail for reportedly assaulting Pottstown Police.

Chelsea Alba, 23, of 780 Farmington Ave., of Pottstown, was arrested for public drunkenness according to court reports. She was permitted to leave out on bail, after a preliminary hearing with District Judge Scott T. Palladino Thursday.

According to reports in the Pottstown Mercury, Pottstown Police attempted to serve arrest warrants on Aug. 22 to Alba for allegedly selling herion. Alba “stated that she is only a heroin user, not a seller,” police wrote in the court documents.

Documents read that Alba “proceeded to show (an officer) a needle and three empty baggies and ripped blue wax paper with white residue from her purse.”

Police also found other drug-related items, including a bowl of marijuana, pills and a bottle cap Alba said she used for "shooting up."

On Oct. 17, according to court documents, police reported to State and Third streets because “it was relayed to officers that Alba had been committed to a secure rehab facility while on cash bail," said the documents.

Police said they could “immediately observed Alba showing obvious signs of intoxication," said the documents.

Documents state that police “became loud and starting cursing at the officers” and “kicked at the windows” in the patrol vehicle. Alba then lunged at police, spitting in one officer's face.

“Saliva from Alba struck Officer (Michael) Breslin on the left side of his face and in his left eye,” said the document.

Alba will face a formal arraignment charges of assualting an offier and public drunkenness is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Dec. 19 in Montgomery County Court.

For the full story, you can also see the Pottstown Mercury's report.


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