Road Rage Incident Leads to Pedestrian Hit and Run

The drivers of two cars confronted each other early Sunday morning in Royersford.

The driver of a vehicle was struck by another car early Sunday morning near 1st Avenue in Royersford, following an apparent road rage incident. 

Royersford media relations officer Thomas Godin Sr. told Patch that officers were called to the scene of an accident at 1:24am Sunday. 

Godin said that the responding offciers determined that the incident was a road rage incident where one car had been tailgating another car. The driver of the car being tailgated stopped to confront the driver of the other car. 

Two individuals reportedly exited the tailgating car and threatened the first driver with a knife. They then re-entered their car, allegedly struck the first driver with their car and fled. 

The first driver refused treatment when emergency responders arrived. 

An uninvolved witness corroborated the sequence of events. The fleeing car was described as a 2000s black Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus with tinted windows. 

Royersford Police urges all motorists not to confront the driver of a vehicle driving recklessly behind them.

"Call 911 if you have a phone, or drive to a well-lit area like a Wawa and have them contact police for you. It is extremely dangerous to confront [another driver]," Godin said. 


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