Kiosks Would Make County Fee Payment Easier

Pilot unit for proposed electronic payment system would be installed in the office of the Clerk of Courts with later deployment to other county sites

Montgomery County is planning a program that would allow residents to remit payment for various county fees through a series of electronic payment kiosks.

The county is working with suppliers to hash out the details and specifications of the kiosk system, the initial unit of which will be located in the office of the Clerk of Courts, Ann Thornburg Weiss. If that portion of the program goes smoothly, kiosks may then be deployed to other county locations for the convenience of residents living in those areas.

"We'll see how it works," County Commissioners Chair Josh Shapiro said last month. "Potentially, we'll be able to have this system out and about in the county."

The machines will accept credit cards, debit cards, "and all types of legal tender," county CFO Uri Monson said. 

Though the kiosks will be able to accept fees for various county services, they will not be able to accept tax payments.

Monson told KYW Newsradio that the state of Colorado saw its fee collection rates increase by more than 10 percent after the implementation of a comparable system.


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