Tea Party Pushing for Secret Ballot in House Speaker Election

The national group is asking supporters to call Congress to push for a secret ballot in the election, scheduled for Noon today.


Tea Party Patriots National is pushing constituents to call Congress and request a secret ballot vote for its Speaker of the House vote, which will occur Jan. 3 around noon.

A secret ballot vote is what many believe to be a step in the Tea Party's plan to oust House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who many conservatives thought underperformed in the fiscal cliff talks, and eventual outcome  - the "American Taxpayer Relief Act."

In an e-mail sent last night to Montgomery County Tea Party Patriots, the group said that the power of elected officials sent to Washington in 2010 has been “squandered by establishment types blackmailing, bullying and bribing rank-and-file members to go along to get along.

“Your representatives deserves to be able to vote their conscience without fear of retribution from leadership,” the e-mail says. “You deserve it and your Representative deserves it.”

A National Journal article says that the Republican attemps to remove Boehner as House Speaker may be in vain, as there are no candidates who have stepped up to run.

“You can’t beat somebody with nobody,” a senior House Republican told National Journal.

Dot January 04, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Regarding: "“You can’t beat somebody with nobody,” a senior House Republican told National Journal." There are plenty of others who would stand up for fiscal responsibility in the House. Interestingly, there were a few votes for Eric Cantor and 2 for Allen West. Those who openly voted for others, such as Louie Gohmert of Texas, will likely be ostracized because of that principled stand. This is a disgrace. Boehner has done this in stripping some of committee assignments because they did not tow the line. A true conservative would respect principled stands rather than to expect others to cow-tow.


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