477 Days Later: Paul Drucker is Baaaaaaack

Shall we never forget Mr. Drucker's support of tolls on Rt. 422.


Mr. Drucker is back.  Remember the name?  The practicing lawyer compiled an opinion piece in the Main Line Media News this evening, and in it, seized the opportunity to bash the PA voter ID bill in which he called voter fraud 'fictional'.  We now have this in writing and we'll be exposing more on this later.  But wait, the opinion piece reveals something important.

Read the last sentence.  One could say it is now official Mr. Drucker will be back on the ballot in a self-promotional statement, made by Drucker himself.  In the piece, he closes with: 'Paul Drucker is a candidate for state representative in the 157th Legislative District.'  There you have it.  He is a candidate - let it be known.

Shall we never forget Mr. Drucker's support of tolls on Rt. 422?   No - this issue did not go away and we did not forget the Capi-TOLL-ist

We did not forget the increased burden on families his policies would cause.  The opinion piece is a compilation of talking points and ends with an announcement of a new campaign 477 days after losing his seat in what many view as support of the 422 tolls. 

In politics, there is a saying "Today's headline is yesterday's news".  Remember this:  Politicians think people are busy (which we all are) and forget headlines of yesterday. Here is where they are wrong. Deciding factors on a voter is typically the last thing a voter hears in an advertisement or talking point.  Well that all changes now - there will be many surprises to come out just days and weeks before election day - both local and national.

477 days later, we did not forget you, Mr. Drucker.  You thought we slept, but here we are ready to 'remind' everyone.  Hint Hint.

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truthsayer March 22, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Interesting read. It fully supports my position that all politicians do nothing but regurgitate the "party line". Here we see the same "talking points" stated in Michael Hayes' statement on the bill, as well as Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards. Apparently, none of these people are capable of giving us an original thought, but rather, simply reiterate what their party leaders tell them to say. I guess this makes them good soldiers for their party...but it makes them a liability to American citizens. Politics has destroyed our Country. It is dividing us and making us weak as a Nation. We are fighting amongst ourselves, while our economy and our integrity crumble. The solution to our political dilemma is to remove the lawyers and career politicians from office, that have systematically destroyed America. We need to establish term limits for all elected offices. Further, all citizens should be called to serve in some capacity at some point. These are not "extremist" viewpoints, but rather a simple acknowledgment of what has gone wrong with our government. But if you are happy simply pointing a finger at the Left or the Right and saying "it's their fault", then perhaps there is a cushy political office in your future.
Dan Talbot March 23, 2012 at 02:08 PM
If Drucker is liberal, eschew him. The word "Democrat", "Progressive", "or "liberal" is enough to disqualify the holder from being regarded as a dignified human being. He/she is to be regarded as moronic and a menace.


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