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I have lived in this area for over thirty seven years,raised my children here. Watched them grow and go out into the world and be who they are. 
They say you are a sucessful parent if you raise a child who can stand on their own and be sucessful at doing what they love doing. I have done that along with their father. I have also raised a wonderful granddaugnter who is the child born of my heart though not of my body. I have lost my daughter,and I cannot even begin to tell you what that does to the inner you.Only someone who has been there know the anguish I helped found the original Boyertown Unity Area Coalition which started Project Lemonade and contributed over $15,000 dollars to such groups as the NAACP. The ACLU,SPLG,ADL,and to other groups who wish to rid their towns and neighborhoods of groups such as the KKK,the Aryran Nation etc.They would recruit at the top of Boyertown in full regalia. I also helped for a group that was fighting the banning of books in our school libraries, and wanted to promote the Green Circle Group which was showing children the diversity in cultures and races and religions and was founded by the Quakers.It was never meant to promote sexual ideas or anything of that nature. It simply showed from an early age how you can bring different people of different cultures into your own circle. What a shame it was branded as something sinister.
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