Pottstown's Three Ring Circus - Including the Clowns, Everybody's Favorite

Pottstown Politics, Better Than the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Regarding my post, yesterday, 


I tried to keep a fairly clean line so people could grasp the magnitude of the information in my blog post. I had to forget about the barf bag sitting next to my computer, (the one I “borrowed” from United when I flew this summer), ’cause every time I caught a glance of it from the corner of my eye I had an involuntary urge to toss my cookies.

According to a young friend on FB, I failed miserably to fill in the gaps for newcomers. And I’ll explain why, (this is a transparently shameless attempt to save face and throw my naive friend under the bus), because my friend is not well versed in local politics. I was aiming at people, (residents), who’ve been around for a while and he just did not get the whole picture but the “juicy” parts were intriguing and he asked lots of questions!

Let me say more about that, in my own defense, of course:

Today, I’ve concluded that Barnum and Bailey Circus has nothing on Pottsown’s local government, especially lately.  I’ve been bouncing from ring to ring to catch all the action and I keep bumping into all varieties of asses, red nosed clowns and horses petuties of every color and stripe!!!  OMG it’s a beginning blawger’s nightmare…or a dream?

@@@@@@@ speaking of dreams, I just gotta tell ya about last night’s dream, no nightmare, no I mean…dream.  I dreamt that I could not erase the vacuous look in council prez, Steve Toroney’s eyes, whenever I have had one of those ‘meaningful’ one way conversations with him, (some of you know what I’m talking about), where the eyes say “nobody’s home” and the lips say, “we, meaning the borough, don’t have any money but good luck trying to do something right for Pottstown, bye bye now.”  But, I digress.I just happened to have a blind fold handy, the kind with the ‘wise eyes’ painted on them?  (remember this a dream), so I tied the blind fold around his head but the eyes – those eyes – they shown through the fabric!!!  I reached into my dream bag of tricks and pulled out the Zinsser paint primer, (only the best), to see if I could paint over those eyes, the brush was full and I slapped it on nice and thick but just like a sap spot on pine, the eyes bled through, arrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.

Frustrated, I left the dream, “the eyes” behind and slipped comfortably into deep REM sleep until I awoke, made coffee, and settled in to read the news.

Well, don’t you know,  I’m 100% convinced that I have tapped into a psychic gift. That dream was a premonition of the events that unfolded in the Mercury news this morning, thanks to Evan Brandt and Nancy March.

Firm tapped to make Pottstown codes smoother has its own contoversies

This article reports that In September, Evan Brandt reported about the opening for Borough Manager:   the salary level had attracted between 35 and 40 applicants and, according to Borough Council president Steve Toroney, “there are some very qualified individuals among them.”

****Between the lines that reads, “there WERE some very qualified individuals, but we disqualified them.” ****


 Montco commissioner wades into Pottstown borough manager decision

Unbeknownst to me, and most people who live in Pottstown, Mark Flanders threw his hat across the moat and hired attorney Bruce Castor to slay the fire-breathing dragons so he could safely cross into his Kingdom, while his faithful minions stand at attention, grinning big el toro poo poo grins from ear to ear, in victorious salute to their new leader.  Yeah Right.

You know the thing is, I actually feel like council, Flanders, the whole lot of them were trying to buffalo us, but they’re not even very good at it, so how can they lead us to higher ground when credibility and erstwhile – ness, would count the most? (the word erstwhile doesn’t fit here but I like the way it rolls off the tongue).  

Anyway…there’s much too much going on to take it all in at once, so I admit to being a bit soggy from my efforts to drink of the voluminous streams of high pressured water coming straight at me from the political fire hose.  Does that make ME a wet clown?   Nah, just a very wet deer in the headlights.


I’m just a slap happy newby blogger, an investigative journalist wanna-be, grateful as heck to have the opportunity to learn as I go, boldly making all the classic snafu’s straight up and in public for I am without pride, egoless, and not afraid to laugh at myself, and others <laughing at others is my favorite part> she says, with a devilish grin and twinkle in her eye!!

Hey, c’mon now, learn along with me, it’s easy! You can start a blog of your own and practice, first, writing about the local slumlords in your neighborhood.  

Someday, if you’re lucky, you’ll graduate to local politics and grow up to be just like me.

Every official involved in this power grab, including attorney Bruce Castor get my nomination for this year’s coveted GOLDEN WEASEL AWARD….

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Harry November 14, 2012 at 12:42 AM
I've been in Pottstown since 1995 and I can tell you these people involved with the borough and the school board are so caught up in themselves that reality is an option. They want what they want, and how dare you question them. Maybe you could ask our Police Chief, or is it borough manager why he insisted on purchasing fully encrypted radio's for his department, when every swat team in the county is in the clear???? What goes on in Pottstown that's so sensitive that no one can hear it? Oh, wait, its not his money he's spending, its taxpayer money!!
Golden Cockroach November 14, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Harry, I couldn't help wonder if Flanders was happy to see all of us last night at council....or if it was just all those ward representatives in his pocket.


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